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“Julia and I love our fun, handmade 3-dimensional greeting cards and they get such a great response...”

“...so although we are a young greeting card company,
we entered the 20th Annual International Greeting Card Awards, the Oscars of the greeting card industry, known as the Louie Awards after greeting card publishing pioneer Louis Prang.”

“I was so excited to see if we were on the list of greeting card finalists for the Louie Awards that I went online early the weekend they were to be announced. Alas, Jumping Cracker Beans was nowhere to be found on the list.”


“Luckily, a few weeks later a retailer who was also        
a Louie Award Judge phoned. He’d seen our fun
handmade greeting cards at the Louie Awards
competition, loved them, and wanted to order our
greeting cards for his store. I said ‘Well, that’s
encouraging. We’d hoped to make it to the Louie
Award finals, but that’s wonderful feedback.” He
said, “But you
are finalists! You are definitely Louie
Award finalists!”


“So I went back online and sure enough, there we were: Jumping Cracker Beans, Louie Award Finalist! I had been
so eager to find out if we were on the Louie Awards finalist list, I checked too soon and was looking at
last year’s list. Suddenly I was packing my bags and heading to New York.”


“Judy called as soon as she arrived at the event. She described the beautiful Louie Award banquet setting: Classic columns rising to three story ceilings, elegant royal blue and gold Louie Awards decor, a musician playing an electric violin with Cirque de Soleil-style mimes and an acrobat,
a sumptuous buffet and a gorgeous display of Louie Award finalist greeting cards. The phone call I was hoping for came mid-way through the Louie Awards ceremony. Judy slipped away to call and tell me they’d announced the Louie Award winner in our Humorous Friendship/Encouragement category...
and we won! I was on cloud nine!”


“The last award of the evening they save for greeting
Card of the Year above $3. From a competition that drew more than 1,000 greeting card entries from around the world, the Louie Award Blue Ribbon Panel at the 20th Annual International Greeting Card Awards selected one greeting card above $3 they judged best of the best for imagination, artistry, impact, harmony (a blend of visuals and verse), sendability and value, a balance between overall quality and price. Drumroll...envelope please...and the winner is...

Jumping Cracker Beans!

“Needless to say, my phone rang again. Even months after that incredible night, we’re both still absolutely thrilled!”


“And to think, we almost missed it!

Judy at the Louie Awards gala
in New York City, May 2009 with our newest Louie Award, “Superbly Stated” for our new lemonade friendship card.

Our Louie Award Winning Card of the Year features hand-packaged parsley,
sage and rosemary.
Inside: “Let’s get together if you have the thyme”

“When life hands you lemons...
I’m ready to squeeze!
We can add sugar and
paint signs together”

Thanks to Janice Pavlides of Angel Eyes Studio for her photos of Judy at the 2009 Louie Awards.

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Jumping Cracker Beans makes handmade award-winning 3-dimensional playfully humorous greeting cards &
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