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Jumping Cracker Beans  makes award-winning greeting cards & instant Snow To Go!TM gifts, Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day, anniversary, weddings



“As a graphic designer, I always enjoyed making holiday greeting cards for family & friends. One year I attached a little packet of white glitter above the caption, “White Christmas Starter Kit.” Then a friend sent me this amazing instant snow powder, and I thought … hmmm…
White Christmas Starter Kit….”

“I loved my job as a Marketing Product Manager at FedEx. I even won the top company award. I’d been there nearly a decade, and decided to take time off to be with my family and consider new challenges. On a hike with Judy, I told her I was ready to explore new vistas. She said, “I have an idea…” Before I knew it, we were at the National Stationery Show launching Jumping Cracker Beans, our own greeting card and instant snow gifts company.”


“Folks always ask how we came up with our name. It started with a spunky little girl named Rachel. My daughter, Allie, was very shy when she was little. Then Rachel swept into Allie’s life and totally transformed her. Rachel was bold, daring, rambunctious. She ripped off Allie’s shell and suddenly my shy daughter was a talkative, outgoing, adventurous child.”


“I told Judy she was my Rachel.”


“I told Julia she was my Rachel! Anyway, I remember one day Rachel saw something that totally surprised and delighted her, and she said, “Jumping Cracker Beans!” So our company’s name springs from a plucky little girl named Rachel.”


“At greeting card and gift trade shows. folks often look around and ask where the jumping cracker beans are, and we just point to each other. The name for our greeting card and instant snow gifts company has nothing to do with greeting cards, instant snow, or for that matter, jumping, crackers or beans.”


“Our name is a nod to the Rachel in each of us for embarking on own daring adventure--stepping into thin air to start our own greeting card and gift business. When we won the top industry honor, the Louie Award for International Greeting Card of the Year, we felt sure that it had been a step worth taking.”


“Our name, Jumping Cracker Beans. is also a nod to the greeting cards and instant snow gifts we make that we hope will surprise and delight the folks who get them.”

Judy (left) and Julia, co-owners of Jumping Cracker Beans, LLC

“My customers love hearing the story that you go out and live a dream. That really inspires them.”

Nicky Peterson,

Sea Vision Gifts,

Lincoln City, Oregon

Winning the top Louie Award! International  Greeting Card of the Year!

Jumping Cracker Beans
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Jumping Cracker Beans makes handmade award-winning 3-dimensional playfully humorous greeting cards &
instant Snow To Go!
® gifts for business, resorts birthday, anniversary, affection, wedding, baby congratulations, get well,
Christmas, Valentines & Mother’s Day, & events.

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