Jumping Cracker Beans makes handmade greeting cards including Save Arctic Wildlife holiday greeting cards for which we donate one half dollar for each sold.


At our very first meeting to discuss the possibility of starting a handmade greeting card and instant Snow To Go!® gift company,  Jumping Cracker Beans founders, Julia and Judy, agreed that giving back to our community and environment was an essential part of our mission. That is why:

... Jumping Cracker Beans donates a portion of profits from our handmade, award-winning greeting cards and instant Snow To Go!® gifts to non-profit organizations that work to benefit our community and our  environment.

...Jumping Cracker Beans manufactures two Save Arctic Wildlife holiday donation greeting cards. For each of these greeting cards sold, Jumping Cracker Beans donates one half dollar on behalf of card buyers to non-profit organizations working to save polar wildlife and protect melting habitats.

For our polar bear greeting cards in 2008, Jumping Cracker Beans donations will go to Polar Bears International, an all-volunteer organization that puts 100% of each dollar donated toward key polar bear research projects.

For our penguin greeting cards in 2008, donations will go to the Center for Biological Diversity, to support their legal efforts to protect 1o penguin species, including Emperor Penguins, by attempting to have these species added to the list of threatened or endangered species under the United States Endangered Species Act.

Many thanks to Natural Habitat Adventures, the world’s first carbon neutral travel company, www.nathab.com, for donating the photos we use in these special Save Arctic Wildlife holiday donation greeting cards.

... At Jumping Cracker Beans, we manufacture our greeting cards in our local community at Goodwill industries, supporting local jobs in our community in the United States and avoiding the environmental impact of shipping our greeting cards that we sell in the United States from manufacturing sites half way around the world.


Jumping Cracker Beans gives back to our community & environment...

“Global warming is an overarching threat for the world’s penguins...the survival of these penguins  will be in doubt

along with that of many other wildlife species.”

Dr. Shaye Wolf,

Seabird biologist,

Center for Biological Diversity

Large polar bear image and image on greeting card : © Mike Bruscia. Penguin image: © Colin McNulty. These images used on our Save Arctic Wildlife greeting cards are donated by Natural Habitat Adventures, the world’s first carbon neutral travel company: www.nathab.com

Image of polar bear in icy sea by Marc Webber.

“Scientists predict that,

if current warming trends continue in the Arctic,
two-thirds of

the world’s polar bears could disappear by 2050.”

Polar Bears International

Polar bear image above & on polar bear greeting card : © Mike Bruscia

Penguin images: © Colin McNulty

Penguin images: © Colin McNulty

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