Snow To Go! ® creates an instant avalanche of cool, moist “snow”

Instant Snow To Go!® contains sodium polyacrylate. Children need adult supervision when handling product. Keep out of reach of small children and pets (choking hazard). Non-toxic, but not for consumption. In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting. Drink plenty of water, and, in the event of stomach discomfort, seek medical attention. The super-absorbent dry powder can irritate eyes. Flush with plenty of water. Do not dispose in drain. Use as directed.

Snow To Go®, Instant Snow To Go®, Fairy's Frost™, Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC.  All Rights Reserved. Snow To Go® contains Insta-Snow®
a registered trademark of Steve Spangler Science. All rights reserved.


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*Slippery when wet.  Not for consumption.  Water in wet snow can harm water-sensitive surfaces, like wood.

almost a gallon of

“Best of Show!”
New Age Retailer, January, 2008

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Greeting cards
with packets of instant
Snow To Go!®
for Everyday or Holidays

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“I just brought in some
Sno To Go boxes
& those are doing really, really well!

Mary Ann Hawley, Owner,
Fortunes of Time, Lake Placid, NY

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Jumping Cracker Beans makes handmade award-winning 3-dimensional playfully humorous greeting cards &
instant Snow To Go!
® gifts for business, resorts birthday, anniversary, affection, wedding, baby congratulations, get well,
Christmas, Valentines & Mother’s Day, & events.

Enjoy instant Snow To Go! ® for holiday decorating, winter events, weddings, business & corporate events.

Snow To Go ® instant snow is a registered trademark of Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC - All rights reserved. 
The brand Insta-snow® is a registered trademark of Steve Spangler Science, all rights reserved.

Warning: Snow To Go!TM is slippery when wet.
Not for consumption. Water in wet instant snow can damage wood surfaces.

1. POUR instant instant Snow To Go!TM powder into a mixing container.

2. ADD water.

A teaspoon measuring scoop comes
in instant  snow bags,
jars, and
Sno To Go® takeout gift.

Popular snow greeting cards feature packets of instant
Snow To Go® powder on the front of cards.

3. Let it SNOW!

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A perfect souvenir or gift from a snowy place
With custom labels available for your locale
Create your own snowball ornament!

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