Snow To Go! ® creates an instant avalanche of cool, moist “snow”

Just mix instant Snow To Go!® powder with water and create an avalanche of cool, wet, surprisingly snow-like artificial snow. Made of tiny, super-absorbent polymer “sponges,” instant Snow To Go!TM lasts indefinitely, as long as you keep Snow To Go!TM moist and away from direct sunlight. 
This reusable, environmentally safe, non-toxic artificial instant snow is great for indoor holiday snow decorating, winter parties, corporate events, candle and floral displays, winter weddings, and just plain fun! Add the dramatic fun of instant Snow To Go!® to any occasion. Our iridescent ornaments with a packet of instant Snow To Go!® powder inside make great winter wedding favors. Decorate a tree with our new instant snow-filled Snowballs. When you send instant Snow To Go!® holiday gifts & cards, you give instant White Christmas!
Store owners can create a blizzard of sales excitement at holiday or Christmas in July retail store promotions. Snow cards & gifts are great souvenirs! Vacationers love to send snow cards & bring snow gifts home from ski resorts, snowy trips, winter event locales and tourist destinations...and we can customize them for your location. 
“We love your instant snow cards & takeout gifts.
They’re perfect souvenirs...
We sold out—I should have bought more!”
Allison Wilson, Skagway Streetcar,  Skagway Alaska

Instant Snow To Go!® contains sodium polyacrylate. Children need adult supervision when handling product. Keep out of reach of small children and pets (choking hazard). Non-toxic, but not for consumption. In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting. Drink plenty of water, and, in the event of stomach discomfort, seek medical attention. The super-absorbent dry powder can irritate eyes. Flush with plenty of water. Do not dispose in drain. Use as directed.

Snow To Go®, Instant Snow To Go®, Fairy's Frost™, Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC.  All Rights Reserved. Snow To Go® contains Insta-Snow®
a registered trademark of Steve Spangler Science. All rights reserved.


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*Slippery when wet.  Not for consumption.  Water in wet snow can harm water-sensitive surfaces, like wood.

almost a gallon of

“Best of Show!”
New Age Retailer, January, 2008

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Greeting cards
with packets of instant
Snow To Go!®
for Everyday or Holidays

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“I just brought in some
Sno To Go boxes
& those are doing really, really well!

Mary Ann Hawley, Owner,
Fortunes of Time, Lake Placid, NY

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Jumping Cracker Beans makes handmade award-winning 3-dimensional playfully humorous greeting cards &
instant Snow To Go!
® gifts for business, resorts birthday, anniversary, affection, wedding, baby congratulations, get well,
Christmas, Valentines & Mother’s Day, & events.

Enjoy instant Snow To Go! ® for holiday decorating, winter events, weddings, business & corporate events.

Snow To Go ® instant snow is a registered trademark of Gift Bliss Enterprises, LLC - All rights reserved. 
The brand Insta-snow® is a registered trademark of Steve Spangler Science, all rights reserved.

Warning: Snow To Go!TM is slippery when wet.
Not for consumption. Water in wet instant snow can damage wood surfaces.

1. POUR instant instant Snow To Go!TM powder into a mixing container.

2. ADD water.

A teaspoon measuring scoop comes
in instant  snow bags,
jars, and
Sno To Go® takeout gift.

Popular snow greeting cards feature packets of instant
Snow To Go® powder on the front of cards.

3. Let it SNOW!

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A perfect souvenir or gift from a snowy place
With custom labels available for your locale
Create your own snowball ornament!

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