Jumping Cracker Beans greeting cards & instant snow gifts

All Jumping Cracker Beans greeting cards feature surprising eye-catchers like real cake mix & candy sprinkles, hot chocolate, chicken bouillon & spices, tea, Fender guitar picks, seeds, feathers, pop-up bows,

Also discover our holiday, everyday, vacation/resort, and name-drop instant snow greeting cards and instant snow gifts...you’ll be simply amazed as you watch a bit of instant snow powder transform like magic into an avalanche of cool, wet “snow.”

Jumping Cracker Beans makes award-winning greeting cards made in the USA

“This is a huge award

(Card of the Year)
& your greeting
card was the
hands-down winner!”

Michael Tuck, Judge,
Louie Award Blue Ribbon Panel

& Owner, Jules Besch Stationers, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

“My customers love
your greeting cards!
They love them!
The humor is what really gets them.”

Anna Watts Gunning,
Monmouth Plantation Gift Shop

Natchez, TN

20th Annual International
Card of the Year Winner

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Jumping Cracker Beans makes handmade award-winning 3-dimensional greeting cards & instant Snow To Go!TM gifts
for birthday, anniversary, affection, wedding, baby congratulations, get well, Christmas, Valentines & Mother’s Day, business, resorts, weddings & events.

Instant Snow is great for holiday decorating, winter events, weddings, corporate events.

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The brand Insta-snow® is a registered trademark of Steve Spangler Science, all rights reserved.

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