Jumping Cracker Beans award-winning greeting cards are handmade by Goodwill in U.S. Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day, anniversary, business


Our greeting cards are beautifully made by hand by a wonderful team at GoodSource, a division of Goodwill Industries. These good folks (along with many not shown above) hand fill our little greeting card baggies with spices, confetti, rice, flower seeds, lavender buds, and instant Snow To Go!® powder. They make each of our greeting cards by hand with the care and attention to detail you will find in our international Card of the Year winning thyme greeting card.

We are grateful for Goodwill’s high quality craftsmanship of Jumping Cracker Beans greeting cards. Working with Goodwill gives us the environmental benefits of manufacturing our greeting cards locally and the opportunity to contribute to U.S. jobs for disadvantaged workers in our own community.

Our special thanks to

Marvin, Maria, and Elga,

the heart of our wonderful

Jumping Cracker Beans

greeting card

production team

at Goodwill.

Thanks also to

Rob and Cho,

who keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

You’re all the best!”

“We would like to thank

all of those at Goodwill who do such an outstanding job of handcrafting our

greeting cards &

instant Snow To GoTM gifts.

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Jumping Cracker Beans makes handmade award-winning 3-dimensional playfully humorous greeting cards &
instant Snow To Go!
® gifts for business, resorts birthday, anniversary, affection, wedding, baby congratulations, get well,
Christmas, Valentines & Mother’s Day, & events.

Enjoy instant Snow To Go! ® for holiday decorating, winter events, weddings, business & corporate events.

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